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Student Short-Term Goals Met:

Refers to the class in general.

(Select all that apply)

Some Reading Improvement

CASAS/TABE Test Improvement

Improved Writing Skills

Improved Math Skills

Improved ESL Skills

Improved Civics/Citizenship Skills

Improved Digital Literacy Skills

Improved Job Skills

Prepared for Training Program (Educational/Workplace, please specify)

Increased Involvement in Child's Education (met with teacher, helped with homework, etc.)

Improved Health & Wellness Skills

Improved Consumer Skills

Improved Conversation Ability

Improved Understanding on/of the Phone, Radio, TV, Computer (please specify)


Student Long-Term Goals Met:

Student specific, please give names.

(Select all that apply)

Passed GED

Passed ABE

Obtained Citizenship

Received a Driver's License

Voted or Registered to Vote

Got a Job/Changed Job (please specify)

Earned a Promotion (please specify)

Entered a Training Program (Educational/Workplace, please specify)

Completed a Training Program

Is Enrolled at Craven Community College

Is No Longer Enrolled at Craven Community College

Became Actively Involved in Child's School (met with teacher, helped with homework, etc.)


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If you have concerns about your student and the learning process, or need more tutoring resources, please contact Diane Mabry, Instructional Services Coordinator, at (252) 637-8079 or