Become a Tutor

Volunteer Tutor Job Description
We run a 15-hour training program many times during the year. Please refer to the right side of this page, call or email us to get more information or to register for our next session.

You can also send your information online and we will contact you.

Tutoring is a wonderful way to help the community and it is a fulfilling vocation.

Our tutors tell us:

I cherish the opportunity to work with students in their acquisition of English language skills. The hopes and dreams of our students remind us of the importance of language and literacy skills in today’s world.

For me, being a volunteer tutor/ trainer for Craven Literacy Council is my small way of making a difference in another's life while giving something back to the community. Being a literate adult can improve one's lot in life by opening many doors that otherwise would remain closed. If I can touch my student's life through the power of the written word then I have helped him to take the necessary steps to make his world a better place. I say often that I am not sure who learns more - my student or me. At the end of the day, I think it is me....just by giving a little of my time and helping another human being.